Friday, 27 November 2015


OK, this is OLD news, but several months ago my lovely bro got engaged to his equally lovely GF - yippee yay!  I've blogged before on my tendency towards tardiness when it comes to making presents for people.  It would seem that I'm not much better at making (or even buying) cards...  

And not too long after the event I took out my sketchbook and drew up a design for a stitchy engagement card.  But I'm rather ashamed to say I never got around to actually stitching it - the sewing machine remained firmly in the bag and no free-motion in the right direction was to be seen.  Until just before my little girl was born - some six months after the engagement!

Here's the result...

I hope they like it enough to forgive it's extreme lateness, and I will endeavour to do better when it comes to their wedding next year, honest!

Kate xx

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