Sunday, 2 August 2015

What about the Bees?

The bees of the UK (and worldwide) are in a precarious position, something I touched upon in a previous blog post.  The EU, after consulting a wide range of evidence, took the step of banning neonicotinoids in 2013; the World's most widely-used pesticide has been found to cause serious harm to bees.  And serious harm to bees, our most prolific pollinators, is not good news for our global food supplies.

So why on earth has the UK government just suspended the ban to allow farmers some use of these bee-killing pesticides on oil-seed rape crops?  Even more worrying is that this was done under a cloud of secrecy and gagging of the government's own expert panel.  I fear that commercial pressure from chemical companies has prevailed.  If you are interested in reading more about the recent overturn of the ban, see the Guardian articles here and here.

(The stitchy bee in the picture above is a miniature machine-embroidered one I ran up a month or so ago, encased in a 5cm Nkuku frame.  This little worker happens to have a dragonfly companion - they're currently residing on my mantelpiece, sheltering from the abundance of pesticides out in the countryside.)

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