Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Keeping mum

I mentioned the other day, in my first post back for rather a long time, that I'd been feeling knackered and not much like blogging.  Well, the reason behind that is me being pregnant, preggo, pregasaurus-rex (PLH's name for me when the tiredness and hormones really kick in).  I'm just about due now, but I've found it hard to motivate myself for a whole lot of blogging in my "condition".  

Perhaps partly due to my previous experiences of pregnancies (I wrote a whole other blog about that before), I am not really one for sharing the news on social media.  I did post a preggo picture of me the other day, but I expect news of our imminent (hopefully) arrival may take some of our more distant friends by surprise.
Last time around, I left work on maternity leave relatively early and spent a rather luxurious few weeks keeping moderately active, resting, watching cr@p TV and getting stitchy and crafty for the arrival of the baby.  I shopped for white babygros, washed babygros and hell, I even ironed them (what was I thinking - I barely ever iron my own clothes)!  The nursery was ready, filled with handmade quilts, blankets and a decoupage stag's head.  I'd carefully arranged the furniture and spent hours sticking a tree decal on the wall.  There was an ikea chair in the corner, artfully adorned with cushions I made from fabric I loved; I fondly imagined that I would be breastfeeding my baby there - oh how naive I was - of course I ended up nursing the boy whilst lying down in my own bed - so much more rest and sleep to be had that way I found!  The nursery became a beautiful storeroom and the boy didn't move out of our room until he was about 20 months old.

Needless to say, the experience this time has been somewhat different.  I am not even contemplating when this baby will move out of our room, my cr@p TV watching has been severely restricted until after the boy's bedtime (unless you count Octonauts, Fireman Sam and Peter Rabbit), and keeping active has involved dragging my preggosaurus self around after a crazily fast 2.5 year old.  Not relaxing at all and not a lot of time or energy for beautiful new-baby crafts!  

However I did dig out all the baby clothes the other day, and decided to give a new lease of life to a few of the white(isn!) vests using some stamps and fabric-compatible ink from Yellow Owl Workshop.  I'm pretty happy with the results...
And the evenings of terrible TV have not been entirely unproductive either - I have managed to actually finish a crochet project (stop the ship!) - only my second completion ever.  A granny stripe baby blanket...
I love granny stripes - they are so quick.  If I pick up the hook and yarn again soon it'll definitely be for the quick and easy satisfaction of a granny stripe!  

In the meantime, here's to the Zwischen!

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