Saturday, 15 August 2015

Extinct - Kangaroo Island Emu

So, my post on the Hen Harrier the other day got me thinking more about extinction, and just how perilous the existence of so many of our planet's species is.  You may remember that last autumn I was involved in the Ghosts of Gone Birds live art studio, a day of resurrecting extinct birds in stitch.  Well, I never got around to sharing the stories of my extinct birds, so over the course of the next week or so I'll post about them.  You will have to excuse the quality of the photos - I never managed to get great photos of my completed works sadly.

First up, the Kangaroo Island Emu...
A small Emu that inhabited Kangaroo Island, Australia, its extinction was caused in part by bushfires lit by settlers for scrub clearance.  Last recorded on the island in 1819, three of the birds were taken to Paris, the last of which died in Josephine Bonaparte’s residence in 1822. 

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