Monday, 5 January 2015

A bit of a hooker!

Now it's true to say that my first love is of the stitchy kind, but of late I have become rather hooked on hooking!  That's not to say I've been walking the streets, or sitting by a cold wet lake in the hope of catching a few fish, oh no, my hook is of the crochet variety.  

Whilst I was pregnant, among many of my "must stitch and craft for the new baby" projects (crazy pregnancy hormones!), was a baby blanket.  I've always rather loved stripy wooly blankets and the thought of one draped over my gurgling newborn was enough to persuade me to try making one myself.  Despite both my mother and grandmother being rather talented in the knitting department, their attempts to teach me have never quite stuck, so I decided to have a go at a spot of crochet.  The blanket never made it past big enough to cover a (rather small) baby's legs before the boy arrived and then lay neglected in my sewing box until this summer.  Since when I've been hooking away merrily, whiling away many car naps, long car journeys (with PLH at the wheel - driving and crochet at the same time might be a tad dangerous I feel) and episodes of various Apprentice-like trash.  At nearly two, he's a touch big for a pram blanket so I've decided to keep going until I run out of wool (buttery soft bamboo cotton in this case).  Rather pleasingly it's now big enough to keep me toasty as it grows!
So I've been rather enjoying the whole crochet thing, but was feeling like it was about time I finished something (the never ending blanket is still quite a way off I think), and then I came across this tutorial by Bethany of Benny Rens Creations.  Among her many beautiful creations are some rather scrummy crochet wreaths so I thought I'd give it a go and am rather taken by the results!  
(It should be said that I didn't quite read her instructions correctly, and instead of making the "sock" long enough to go around the outside of my ring, I only made it long enough to go around the inside, resulting in rather a lot of stretching and swearing on my part.  It also means I have a few little white gaps which could easily have been remedied by removing the crochet and adding to it but I'm rather ashamed to admit I just couldn't be bothered.
Benny Rens has a couple of other great Christmas crochet tutorials, including this one for snowflakes and this one for stars.  I followed the stars one before Christmas and planned to make a little garland to go with the wreath - but in common with most of my other planned Christmas crafts I didn't quite finish it in time!  I would share some photos of the very few things I did finish, but no-one really wants to think about Christmas in January.

Kate x