Monday, 7 July 2014

For the love of stripes

Over the weekend I undertook a little "upcycling", renovating this pair of director's chairs that once belonged to my great-granny.  I remember them in my grandparents conservatory, but  they were my Granny's mother's before that.  Apparently they used to have a bus converted into a caravan that they holidayed in - how cool is that?!
Faded and rather filthy
Very faded and dusty, they were in need of some new covers - of course it had to be stripes, my enduring pattern obsession!  Some time ago, during some online stripe-searching, I came across Deckchair Stripes, a website full of stripey loveliness.  Stripe heaven, with deckchair canvas, interior fabrics, trimmings and a whole lot more.  A whole lot of procrastination later, my package arrived on Friday - complete with some stripey sweets! 
With a good clean, a coat of varnish and the new canvas, these chairs make my heart sing!  

They're pretty darn comfy too!
Far too pretty to keep in the shed for outdoor seating only;  I am keeping my fingers crossed they'll fit in the car for our summer camping trips (toddler paraphernalia may have to be scaled down!). 

Kate x

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