Thursday, 19 June 2014

Life, outdoors.

PLH had a few days off a couple of weeks ago so we packed up the car and headed down to the Dorset coast for a few days camping with friends.  Packing was no easy matter  - oh my, what a lot of stuff we ended up taking; our not-so-little estate car was packed to the rafters (do cars have rafters?).

I love a bit of camping I do - all my family holidays as a child were spent under a well-worn canvas frame tent.  Tents have moved on a bit since then, and although I dream of pretty bell tents and the like, our outdoor home is a rather un-glamourous and budget-friendly Eurohike vision in green.  In an effort to glam up our camping experience a bit I ran up a little flag for our campsite...
We had an amazing few days - toddlers, tents and the great outdoors are a winning combination.  With the beach and a castle just a steam-train ride away, the site had far-reaching views and a ton of space; it was just perfect.
But best of all was catching up with lovely friends.  With sunshine, with rain, with pimms, with wine and with hot chocolate over the dying embers of a BBQ.  A few (aherm) years have passed and times have a-changed since our "Juicy Lucy" downing days, but the bonds of our friendship remain as important as ever.  Supporting each other through hangovers, coursework, revision and other student dramas has given way to getting to grips with parenthood and this "grown-up" life.

One thing's for sure, this little flag is going to be getting a whole lot of action in the next few years!
Kate x

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