Saturday, 21 June 2014


One of my favourite summer treats as a child was heading out to a local "pick your own" farm to gather summer fruits.  The delight of eating juicy strawberries or raspberries hand-picked myself (many before the weigh-in!) is something I have been keen to share with the boy. So on Monday we popped up to a farm near Petersfield to make the most of the strawberry season.
Set just north of the South Downs, it is a beautiful and bountiful place, full of fruits and vegetables, most of which can be "PYO'd".  We grabbed a little basket and trotted up to the strawberry field, where there was an abundance of perfectly ripe and deliciously tasty fruit awaiting our attention.

The boy just loved it - although I'm not sure that any of his pickings made it into the basket...

Slightly cheaper than supermarket strawbs, and way more fun than the weekly shop, the flavour was just so good!  Of course we had far too many to eat fresh, so I made like my granny and got the preserving pan out for some jam-making.  
I've only made jam a few times and never with strawberries, which are uber-low in pectin, so I did a quick bit of research and decided upon this recipe from The Guardian.
It's turned out oh-so-tasty and relatively well set.  Yummy!  Can't wait to get jamming with more fruit throughout the summer!
Kate x


  1. Looks like a lovely day and lovely jam!

    1. Thanks Clare! It really was fun and the jam is pretty tasty!