Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Time for a change?

Despite the myriad things new parents can spend their hard-earned cash on, one thing I found particularly uninspiring as a new mum shopper was the dire selection of travel change mats out there.  Most changing bags come with a cheap and nasty wipe-clean plastic job, and there are a number of slightly better quality but equally dull mats in plain colours.  But given the truly ridiculous number of times we mummies (and daddies) have to change our little ones' little bums, I felt something a little brighter was needed.  
A bright and individual mat, with soft cotton in a fun print on one side, and a wipe-clean surface on the other.  Gently padded and all bound up with hand-finished binding.  Easy to fold up and pop in a changing bag, secured with a ribbon.  Perfect for those precious bottoms!

I've cut out the fabric for a whole load of these so hopefully will be spreading the nappy-changing love.  Halcyon threads - bringing a little colour to those nappy changes!

Kate x

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