Monday, 10 March 2014

Roses and teddy bears

Over the weekend I took advantage of the sunshine, and having my mum around to keep eyes on the boy, to get in the garden and prune one of our many out-of-control roses.  Actually I think my pruning was a little out of control; there's not much of the rampant rambling rose left across our fence now.  I'm seriously hoping that my aggressive stance will in fact result in a less leggy, fabulously flowering  wonder, but only time will tell.

Having mum to stay for the weekend was bliss, and on Friday night we sewed together with wine and GU chocolate desserts - mmmmm, three of my favourite things - sewing, wine and chocolate!  My stitchery for the evening was a coupe of prezzies for a couple of little girls.  I went through my stash and came across four pretty rose fabrics, which I stitched together, backed with fleece and created two little blankets, the perfect size for teddies and dollies!

 Kate x

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