Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day

Today has been a lovely Mother's Day for me; the boy picked me a couple of daffodils and gave me some rather nice plants.  Actually the plants arrived by post and had suffered a little in transit but with a little re-potting all was sweet!
PLH was home from sea and cooked us all a delicious roast lamb lunch too - amazeballs!  The roast potatoes were almost as good as my own mum's.  There's nothing quite like being a mother to make you appreciate your own one, and I feel particularly blessed in the mummy department!  Not only is she an awesome roaster of spuds, she's pretty awesome in all round great mother-ness.  She was the one who really taught me to sew, so it seemed appropriate to stitch her a Mother's Day card...
Happy Mother's Day Mama!

Kate x

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