Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Flying geese?

Over the last week or I have been paying more attention to the wonderful brent geese that are so abundant in the Solent area.  Present in their thousands over the winter, they will soon be heading back to the cooler climes where they breed.  I will miss their flying flocks - groups of geese going from here to there across Langstone Harbour.  So elegant in flight, accompanied by a gentle gandering sound.  
Flying geese at Farlington Marshes, picture by Daniel Brown
My latest stitchery reminds me a little of flying geese...
A tenuous connection, me?!  There's been rather a run on baby girls recently amongst our friends so I ran up three sets of pretty bandana bibs for these lovely little ladies...

A little bit like geese, maybe!
Backed with fleece or toweling and hopefully perfect for prettying up those dribbly days!
Kate x

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