Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fluttering by...

Yesterday I went to visit my oldest friend's new baby girl.  It seems strange to think that we are both mothers now - our misspent youth seems a dim and distant dream!  We didn't spend much time thinking of the future (too busy singing along to East 17 and fantasising about Brian!!??), although I do remember a couple of teenage baby name conversations featuring names such as Jade and Sky...  Neither of which made it into either of our shortlists as far as I'm aware!

I took a gift of butterfly bunting; I've been keen to make some more of this, it is such fun picking out pretty fabrics to turn into fluttery butterflies.  
This time I went for an array of greens - which turned out to be a good choice as it will go well in baby Maya's room!

I've run out of boxes so trialing a new packaging...
I was also missing my normal labels whilst staying at my folks, so stitched up a quick label for the package...

Right, off to drink wine and watch the GBSB!

Kate x

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