Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Missing in action - one sewing mojo...

It's been quite some time since I blogged, in fact until yesterday it has been quite some time since I went near my sewing machine.  It is fair to say I had well and truly lost my sewing mojo.  A bout of seriously unpleasant hand, foot and mouth, seasonal colds, PLH away, some unusually good TV (cue daydream about fit, swashbuckling musketeer....), the wet wet wet weather and then the Winter Olympics have conspired to keep me stitch free and entirely without motivation.  
Print from Etsy - click for link
I may not have been sewing, but I have been birding, and ticked off one of my resolutions at least.  The bird feeders went up, topped up with delicious seeds and nuts, and I took up permanent gazing out of the window to see which of our local feathered friends would pay a visit.  Robins, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, collar doves and the ubiquitous pigeon were the first of my visitors to satisfy their appetites.  They fed blissfully and uninterrupted for a few days, until the squirrels turned up and ravaged the remainder.  Scran for squirrels is not something I'm prepared to fork out for; they may be pretty darn cute with their nibbling ways and furry tails, but boy they can eat.  Bird food is not exactly cheap, so for now the feeders are hanging empty whilst I try to squirrel-proof them.  This may be a long war!
Squirrel print from Etsy - click for link
Other than that we have mostly been getting muddy...
Kate x

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