Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Butterfly boom - back in the room!

Stop press!!!!  I have found my sewing mojo.  Turn's out it was just misplaced and not lost forever; phew.  Boom, I'm back in the (sewing) room!

Inspiration came from a birdy trip to Farlington Marshes on Monday where it was positively spring-like; sunshine, skylarks singing and my first butterfly of the year.  So I decided to make some butterfly bunting for a friend's new arrival. 
I love vintage paintings of flora and fauna, so I googled vintage butterfly paintings for some ideas of shapes and patterns...
Then raided my fabric stash for some pretty scraps.  Add a little machine embroidery, a bit of personalisation and ta-da!

Butterfly bunting for Rosalie!  
It feels good to have those creative juices flowing again - I now have about a zillion projects to finish (and a whole load to start too).  Although I do really need to get the sewing machine serviced or at the very least get a new bulb; I been sewing in the dark with a head torch for extra light for for several projects now, but only remember that the bulb is out once I actually get the machine out.  Is it too late to be blaming baby brain still?

I kept the butterfly theme for the packaging...

By the way, have you seen the new series of Great British Sewing Bee #GBSB?  Oooh, I love it, and am feeling the urge to get to grips with a bit more pattern cutting in the not too distant future - watch this space.

Kate x


  1. Welcome back! I sewed a little tote bag for my sister the other day. It felt good.

    But then I wasn't sure, when I gave it to her, whether she realised I'd made it... The moment passed, and then I figured it'd be weird to say, "You know that bag I gave you earlier... I MADE IT!!!"

    Maybe I'll make another one for myself, and if anyone's like, "I like your bag." I can be like, "Thanks! I MADE IT!!!"

    x X x

  2. Oh no! I think you should definitely mention that you made it - people need to know the life that goes into handmade things! I always pop a label in saying "handmade by Kate" - a bit cheesy but at least then people know!