Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Six resolutions for a New Year

Well hello 2014!  2013, it's been a blast.  Actually it's been the best; an adventure into new motherhood and discovering the full force with which love for a little person can hit you.  Unbridled joy, unfettered worry, unending tiredness, mental hormones, but most of all love, crazy, crazy love.  
We've hung out with a lot of lovely lasses and babies, sharing the highs and lows, drinking tea, eating cake (a LOT of cake) and keeping each other sane(ish) through those sleep-deprived months.  Over the course of the last year it has struck me just how differently we women do the mothering thing, each of us following the path that is right for us.  It took me a while to realise that that the way those differing paths diverge is no criticism of my own journey.  So resolution #1 is to have confidence in my mothering, and not to judge the ways of others.

Much to my surprise I have managed to find time for a fair bit of stitchery.  I've loved my forays into making clothes for the boy, adventures into machine embroidery and all the other little bits and pieces I've done.  I love the buzz of having new ideas and trying them out, designing new pieces and seeing them come to fruition.  But I am not always so good at finishing them off; I have a rather large pile of works in progress (WIPs), so resolution #2 is to finish those WIPs.
A pile of WIPs (there are more!)
WIPs and zips...  Despite having had a pretty constant relationship with my sewing machine, and having tried a number of stitchy things, I have never sewn in a zip.  Shocking(!) I know and resolution #3 is to remedy that this year.
Two zips ready for practice
I've blogged a little about my love of the great outdoors and our feathered friends in particular.  I am definitely a rank amateur when it comes to bird identification and it would be great to be more confident in this.  This year I will start on the birds on my doorstep, put the feeders back up (they came down when we had the chickens), and try hard to get a little more connected with the birds in my back garden.  That is resolution #4.
Goldfinch - perhaps we'll get some of these
Along with the pile of WIPs, my sewing box is stashed to the max with fabric.  A LOT of fabric.  My resolution #5 is not to buy any more fabric this year.  I will make a couple of exceptions to this...  If I need something to finish a project, e.g. backing for quilts or base fabric for bunting, then I can make a purchase, but I will first try to buy second-hand and used fabrics for upcycling.  On a related note, I am keen to cut down on consumerism in my life and will attempt to buy no new clothes this year (second hand, charity shops and ebay only).  Good for the wallet and good for the environment.
An excessive stash?
Back to the sewing for the final resolution.  I have decided not to return to work for the time being, and instead be a "Stay at Home Mum" (I really hate that label, but that might be more about my ego than anything else - not helped when I first went on maternity leave when a friend asked how I was enjoying being unemployed...).  Looking after the boy is definitely a full-time job, and one I am pretty proud to do, but I will have time in the evenings for some sewing.  Resolution #6 is that 2014 will be the year I start to sell some of my creations (if anyone will buy them!).  

Happy New Year!
Kate x

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