Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Getting Birdy!

Well, the tree is down, the visitors gone, PLH back at work and the only remaining vestiges of the festive season are the extra pounds around my middle!  There is one more Christmas present to share, and this time we're getting birdy!

My love of our feathered friends is no secret and it's a love shared by most of my family.  Walks are often peppered with stops to look at the birdlife and boxing day was no exception.  
Birds?  Yawwwwn!
Not sure the boy always appreciates the bird stops quite as much, but a couple of weeks ago he showed some early ornithological promise and started signing bird - imagine my delight!  My bro was pretty impressed when he saw the boy's birding progress.  Also fans of the feathered flighty ones, he and his girlfriend were the recipients of some birdy bunting this Christmas.  Sadly the photos are not great - they were taken in a rush as we said goodbye after Christmas, in pretty shocking light.
I took inspiration for most of the flags from my local Farlington Marshes...
Bearded Tit
Oh!  How I love an Oystercatcher
Lovely Lapwing
Short-eared owl (slightly surprised looking)
Tufted duck
Treecreeper (not a Farlington find!)
Egret - I love their yellow feet!
My brother and his lovely lady seemed to rather like it - hopefully I'l see it up on the wall next time we visit their flat; maybe then I can take some better photos!

I think there will be more birdy bunting coming along in the not too distant future!

Kate x

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