Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas, #Tagged

As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't done anywhere near as much christmas stitching as I had planned, either by way of gifts or by way of decorations.  But the other day I did feel a little crafty and made some gift tags.  
I recently became the proud possessor of a set of stamps, so I took inspiration from some christmas carols to stamp out a few festive phrases...
Then I sketched out some shapes and got busy with the bondaweb and festive fabric to add a little embellishment.  It was my original plan to add a little machine embroidery to these but frankly I ran out of time (and the inclination!).
On a further, and somewhat unrelated yuletide note, I had to share the decoration I made this evening.  A few weeks ago I managed to convince the boy to engage in a little foot art with me, resulting in some christmassy pictures I was intending to turn into cards for the family.  But feeling rather selfish I want to keep this record of how perfect his little feet are right now to myself - especially since the painting was done just before we went to buy his first shoes (eeeek, exciting experience!).  So, may I present the 1 year festive foot garland...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

Kate x

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