Monday, 25 November 2013

Stocking enlarged

Following my stockingy stitchy exploits last weekend I was keen to make something christmassy for the boy.  I love the idea of a mini stocking advent garland hanging above our fireplace like Henry's, but I don't think I'm going to have time to make one this year.  Not with all the other things I'd like to get sewn-up before the festivities begin (and certainly not before Advent begins!).  And I'm sure he's too young to appreciate an advent calendar anyway!

Instead I decided to make him a Christmas stocking to hang out on Christmas Eve.  To be honest I did think the boy was a little young for a visit from Father Christmas, but I've swept my scrooge-like tendencies aside.  A few night-time feed Pinterest browsing sessions provided much inspiration; I particularly love the woolier creations.  But knitting is not my thing and my inexpert forays into crochet are certainly not equal to getting a stocking completed prior to Christmas Eve.
Some lovely stockings from Pinterest
Then I remembered PLH's "favourite" jumper which he accidentally shrunk in the wash a few months ago.  Pure wool, super soft, felted and ripe for an upcycling!  It might fit the boy in a few years but there is no way PLH will ever squeeze into it again.  So scissors out and the jumper got it!
With my recent applique addiction showing no signs of abating, I decided to adorn the big wooly sock with a scandi-inspired reindeer silhouette.
I wasn't sure how fray-proof the wool would be so I lined the stocking with some festive spotty fabric...

(Our fireplace is waaaay too ugly to be used as a photographic backdrop!)
Working with felted wool was just lovely; PLH had better keep close tabs on the rest of his jumpers!  And the boy may be too young to appreciate the aesthetics, but with a little luck Father Christmas may leave him a few little treats!

Kate x

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