Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stitching little stockings

A while ago my friend Milly asked me to make an advent calendar stocking garland for her son.  Instead of stitching it myself, she came to stay last weekend so we could make it together.  We had a great weekend - the boys played happily together and when they were sleeping we got busy with the fabric, scissors and sewing machine to make some very small stockings.  With wine, of course there was wine!
After a fair bit of browsing on Pinterest for some inspiration, I came across this tutorial for a stocking garland.  Before her visit I drew a template and made a prototype, then Milly selected the fabrics from my stash (recently bolstered by some vintage fabrics I borrowed from my mum), and we got to work cutting out 100 little stocking shapes, then piecing them together...
After a lot of chatting, cutting, pressing and sewing there were finally 25 mini stockings ready to be strung up...
Something I hadn't given much thought to was how to put numbers onto the stockings.  In the end we opted for fabric transfer paper, although with hindsight I would have ironed the numbers on before sewing the stockings together for a sharper finish.

Overall though the results are pretty good, and it should look rather lovely hanging above their fireplace...
I hope little Henry will enjoy his advent treats from the stockings for many years to come!
Kate x

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