Friday, 29 November 2013

Pinspired - Let there be light

Like most people, I do enjoy good lighting.  For sewing, nothing beats daylight, but I mostly sew at night when the boy has gone to bed, so I find myself switching on the lights and supplementing with a good strong halogen lamp.  After years of bridge watchkeeping at sea and straining out into the darkness it's time to look after my eyes now.

Lamps I love, lamps are easy.  But I struggle to find attractive and functional overhead lighting, especially lampshades that will fit onto the light fittings in our rented home.  Our dining room and sitting room are both besmirched by spectacularly unpleasant, dust-collecting uplighter shades.  I hate them and would love to replace them with something a little easier on the eye.  Of late I have found myself browsing Pinterest for a little inspiration.  Wow, there are some amazing lightshades out there, and frankly, some rather astounding prices too.  

Always a fan of the crafty and the DIY (well, the idea of it anyway - I rarely seem to get around to anything that isn't sewing), I thought I'd check out some more homemade options (click on the captions for tutorials)...
Made from plastic cups
Yarn lanterns in scrummy colours
Glam - DIY hack from an ikea sputnik shade
Wire wastepaper basket with scraps of fabric
Stylish hat-shades
Yarn shade - tutorial here
Made from lightweight card - would look fab in a neon colour
Old maps stuck onto a paper lighshade
This last one has to be my favourite - I love maps - not sure what the light would be like through it though, perhaps a little dark.  Maybe I'll give it a go with some lighter sections from my stash of old sea charts.  There are lots of other great ideas for variations on this theme, including using comic books and cocktail umbrellas here.
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