Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blooming Christmas!

Ok, I know it's still a little way off, but as my Christmas Cactus has started to bloom, I thought it would be just about acceptable to start thinking about Christmas.  After all, the shops have been gearing up towards the festive season since September (for the record I am against this - it is waaaaay too early).
Christmas cactus in bloom (hurrah - I've kept it alive a whole year!)
Every year, as Christmas approaches, I make all kinds of plans for the many christmassy crafts I'm going to do.  Homemade everything, decorations, presents, the lot.  And every year I run out of time to do very much more than stitch a few gifts for my family.  Last year I was totally convinced that the maternity leave before the boy turned up would give me plenty of time to spin up a home-made Christmas that Kirstie would be proud of.  In reality I spent my time napping, doing a little baby-related sewing and eating A LOT of cake.  Actually the size of my cake-bolstered bump made sitting at the sewing machine pretty uncomfortable.

But this year it will all be different, honest!  This year I have plans.  Plans for gifts, plans for decorations and even plans for the kitchen (which, given the armchair nature of my baking habit, are unlikely to come to fruition).  I made a little start on some Christmas bunting the other day...

My vision is a string of hearts and robins, with MERRY CHRISTMAS (or Joyeux Noel - PLH is always teasing me about my love of all things french), but I'm keeping my options open.  I may find myself flagging in stitching 14 of these, so I'll save embroidering any letters until I've completed all of them.  If I only manage a shorter string I may keep them writing-free and haul them out for Valentine's Day - robins are an old English symbol of love!

I've also been raiding my mum's fabric stash of late, and found these festive beauties...
Vintage Christmas fabrics - I love those candy canes
Reds and golds
When I was a child we lived in Australia for a few years; imagine my delight when I came across these lurking in mum's stash...

Christmas koalas!  The last one also has some kangaroo Santas and what looks like a cross between a dolphin and a crocodile.  Slightly disturbing but cute nonetheless.  I have a plan for all this festive fabric.  A friend has asked me to help her make an advent calendar in the form of a stocking garland, so I've been searching for ideas on Pinterest and trying out a few things...
The last of the christmassy projects I have started is an applique and machine embroidery Christmas Card.  I'll be linking up with Laura at Bugs and Fishes to post a tutorial about how to make these in a couple of weeks, and posting links to other bloggers' crafty christmas tutorials.

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