Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A horse of course!

A package arrived in New Zealand this morning, for one of the boy's first friends who has (sadly for us) moved over to the other side of the world.  As a sort of goodbye/first birthday gift, I stitched some more of the alphabet name bunting.  

In need of some new letters, the first of which was an H.  Now, in this case a house or a heart simply wouldn't do.  Harriet's mummy is fond of all things equestrian, and it's a fair bet that she will grow up that way too - so it just had to be a horse, of course!
H is for Horse
A is for Apple
I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with two Rs...
R is for Rabbit
R is for Rocket
The next one is a little off-centre but hopefully tasty nonetheless...
I is for Icecream
E is for Elephant
T is for Tree
The photos aren't great - the light at this time isn't brilliant and it was a particularly dingy day when I popped the bunting in the post.  Judging by the Facebook photos, the light in New Zealand is much better!

It's probably time I threaded up and made some for the boy too!

Kate x

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