Sunday, 13 October 2013

My first commission!

Back in June I made my mum a tote bag for her birthday.  I called it the Lovely Places Bag as it was inspired by two of her favourite spots.  Swyre Head on the Dorset coast, which has to be the place I love best.  And Belle Tout, on the Sussex coast near where she grew up.

I sketched out the designs a couple of years ago and have been contemplating transferring them to fabric for use for ages.  I think they're too fine for a screen print, and I don't really have the set-up to screen print at home anyway.  So I bought some transfer paper, scanned the images onto computer, added text and printed them out.  Then ironed them on to my fabric of choice before stitching them into a lovely lined tote.
One side for the Sussex girl
And one side for the Dorset lady
She was so pleased with the bag that she commissioned me to make one with the Swyre Head scene as a birthday present for her friend, another lover of the Dorset coast!

Hopefully it will be my first commission of many!

Kate x

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