Monday, 7 October 2013

Keeping it reel

 About a year ago my Granny G moved out of her house to live in a nursing home.  Over the last few years she has been suffering the slowly worsening effects of the cruel disease that is alzheimer's, and the time had come for her to be in a place where her safety and wellbeing could be cared for 24/7.  Since then, the family have slowly been clearing out her house, and I have been lucky enough to re-home a few of her possessions.

My granny is very much of the make-do-and-mend generation; she served in the army during the second world war, and her first years of marriage were firmly during the era of rationing.  Nothing went to waste and everything that could be mended was; darning, stitching and fixing, a nail here, some glue there, things really lasted.  She has some lovely vintage sewing supplies, amongst them these wonderful vintage sewing reels.

Wooden reels with fabulous labels, all of them made in Great Britain.  They really don't make them like this anymore, more's the pity.  I'm sure my sewing supplies would look all the prettier if they did.

I'm not sure that the thread will be good enough to use after all these years, so I'm wondering what to do with the reels.  I've had a little browse on Pinterest for some inspiration...
Displayed in a picture frame
As a measuring tape stowage
Beautiful - map flowers in vintage reel pots
My favourite - a set of hooks
Perhaps one day I'll get around to making my reels into hooks of my own; for now they may just sit on my dresser so I can admire them!

Kate x

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