Sunday, 6 October 2013

Getting twitchy

It's a fact not so well known amongst my wider acquaintance, but I am rather a fan of our feathered friends. Ornithologist, twitcher, spotter or just plain birdwatcher; it's true I like nothing better than grabbing my binos and getting out in the fresh air for a little appreciation of the local birdlife.  I am lucky enough to live within a stone's throw of a rather fabulous wetland habitat which gets packed out with wonderful waders, especially during the winter months.
Me and the boy enjoying a spot of birding at Farlington Marshes
These are my "bins", a rather plain-looking (but really very good for their price) pair of Bushnell Powerview 10x42s.  
Great binos but a slightly thin strap that digs in a bit!
Super for spotting they may be, but I thought it was time they had a little jazzing up.  Whilst browsing on Pinterest recently I came across this tutorial for creating a slipcover for a camera strap.  So I thought I'd modify it a little and make a new strap for my bins.  A perfect opportunity to use up some of the many small scraps of fabric I can't bear to part with.
Scrap jar
So, out came the rotary cutter and mat...
Some remnants of fabric from projects past
Stitched into a long strip
Backed with fleece
The tutorial calls for "fusible fleece".  I don't have any of this so just used normal fleece, fused to the front with bondaweb.  I then stitched this into a tube, right sides together, turned it inside out and threaded it on to my binocular strap, turning the ends under and securing with a few stitches.
Pretty binoculars!
The bins in use!
I can't wait to take them out on the marshes!

Kate x

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