Wednesday, 9 October 2013

#GBBO - Great British Baste Off

Well over a year ago I started making a patchwork quilt for a rather special little person.  To my shame, it still rests amongst the very many WIPs (Works in Progress) in my sewing box.  Somehow, despite numerous attempts I just haven't managed to finish it.  But the patchwork top was completed a month or two ago and I bought some lovely supersoft fleece to back it with in one of my recent fabric sprees.
Time to baste this baby (the quilt, not the actual baby).  So, with GBBO on i-player in the background (I find it safest to be occupied when watching GBBO in order to avoid excessive salivation and fridge raiding!), I set about getting this quilt together...
I have some lovely bamboo and cotton wadding left over from a quilt I made for the boy before he was born.  It's super soft and warm and luckily it's about the perfect size.
Wadding as soft as a cloud!
Now I would normally baste quilts by sewing numerous rows of tacking stitches through all three layers.  But I am feeling a little lazy, and would like to finish this quilt before the recipient is at university so I took the cheat's option and used temporary fabric glue.  
505 temporary fabric glue
I have used it once before and although it is quick, quilts need quilting pretty quickly after basting to avoid the glue breaking down and the quilt falling apart.  
A basted quilt sandwich
Folded up and ready to quilt
So, best I get on with it then!

Kate x

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