Saturday, 26 October 2013

A tardy tote

I really like to stitch birthday presents for people that are special to me.  Unfortunately, I am not always organised enough to get the sewing done before the actual birthdays; sometimes presents can be very late indeed.  Last year my mum received a birthday gift at Christmas - her birthday was in June (I didn't even have the boy as an excuse back then).

This year my brother's girlfriend was the one waiting on a belated gift .  She celebrated the passing of another year back in July, but it only yesterday did she finally got her present.  A tardy tote...

I've made quite a few of these totes now, using an old set of curtains, trimmed with some prettier fabric.  The trim in this one is a moda fabric - oooh I love those birds (shock). 

Yummy strawberry straps and lining...
Big enough for plenty of shopping; actually it was a little bigger than I intended.  Although I have made several bags to his design, I have never written down the measurements or made a pattern.  I really must get around to doing that; every time I make a new bag I end up measuring an existing one and it's becoming rather tedious.
All wrapped up...
Kate x

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