Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A little application

A little application was what was needed last night, for a little applique.  Another of my friends had a baby girl last week, so it was to the sewing machine last night for some more baby stitchery.  More alphabet bunting, but with a little fabric fun to add some more colour to the machine embroidery.  This is a great way of using up those little scraps left over from patchwork and other projects.
This time the name is short and sweet - so a little quicker to stitch!  Lovely Leah (oh, and she is a beauty!).  Some slightly different characters this time...
L is for Lizard
E is for Elephant
A is for Aeroplane
H is where the heart is!
The fabric I used for the previous set of bunting had come to an end, so I took a trip to the faithful Fabricland for some more.  I was flummoxed to find there was none in stock, but bought a heavier version (undyed denim) which seems to have done the trick, and may even hang a little better.  I made a little mistake and very nearly wrapped it all up without noticing - can you see what it is?
An elephant tail!
Hopefully it will look better on her wall than on my dresser!

Kate x

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