Thursday, 31 October 2013

Put it on a postcard - the exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a postcard I made for the Making Space 4x6 Postcard Exhibition fundraiser.  The exhibition opened on Saturday but as we were visiting my bro up in London, I couldn't go.  I felt a bit gutted to miss out on seeing all the other submissions, but luckily Making Space have posted a gallery on Facebook, including details of how to purchase any of the artworks.  Guess what - mine has sold!  

The postcards are really varied and in a huge range of media; here's a selection of my favourites:

The work is anonymous until it is purchased, and all the postcards are available to buy for £20.  
Kate x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A little application

A little application was what was needed last night, for a little applique.  Another of my friends had a baby girl last week, so it was to the sewing machine last night for some more baby stitchery.  More alphabet bunting, but with a little fabric fun to add some more colour to the machine embroidery.  This is a great way of using up those little scraps left over from patchwork and other projects.
This time the name is short and sweet - so a little quicker to stitch!  Lovely Leah (oh, and she is a beauty!).  Some slightly different characters this time...
L is for Lizard
E is for Elephant
A is for Aeroplane
H is where the heart is!
The fabric I used for the previous set of bunting had come to an end, so I took a trip to the faithful Fabricland for some more.  I was flummoxed to find there was none in stock, but bought a heavier version (undyed denim) which seems to have done the trick, and may even hang a little better.  I made a little mistake and very nearly wrapped it all up without noticing - can you see what it is?
An elephant tail!
Hopefully it will look better on her wall than on my dresser!

Kate x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A tardy tote

I really like to stitch birthday presents for people that are special to me.  Unfortunately, I am not always organised enough to get the sewing done before the actual birthdays; sometimes presents can be very late indeed.  Last year my mum received a birthday gift at Christmas - her birthday was in June (I didn't even have the boy as an excuse back then).

This year my brother's girlfriend was the one waiting on a belated gift .  She celebrated the passing of another year back in July, but it only yesterday did she finally got her present.  A tardy tote...

I've made quite a few of these totes now, using an old set of curtains, trimmed with some prettier fabric.  The trim in this one is a moda fabric - oooh I love those birds (shock). 

Yummy strawberry straps and lining...
Big enough for plenty of shopping; actually it was a little bigger than I intended.  Although I have made several bags to his design, I have never written down the measurements or made a pattern.  I really must get around to doing that; every time I make a new bag I end up measuring an existing one and it's becoming rather tedious.
All wrapped up...
Kate x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Elephants on parade...

A little while ago I posted about a mammoth pattern cutting session I had.  Well, since then I have been getting a little distracted with other projects, but I have made time for stitching some of those baby threads.  The first of the outfits is now complete and ready for its recipient...
A little circus-inspired dress with some pretty pink stripes (oh how I love stripes!) and little elephants on parade.
Those vintage buttons again - thanks granny!
Elephant facing
It's made using the same borrowed vintage pattern I have used a couple of times before, but this time I added a trim and a little pocket (not that babies need pockets!).
Elephant pocket
Elephants marching around the hem
I do hope she likes it.

Kate x

Friday, 18 October 2013


I popped into Fabricland today to get a little more fabric and some cord for more of the alphabet bunting I am making.  I was feeling oh-so-strong minded and really had no intention of buying anything other than the denim/calico I needed (although they no longer stock the exact same fabric I have used before which was a bit riling).  I didn't take so much as a glance at the cottons to see what was new, and by the time I was ready to pay I was rather pleased with my newfound fabric discipline.  Oh, PLH is going to be astounded, I thought.

But then, out of the corner of my eye, like that sneaky chocolate display right by the supermarket checkout, I caught a glimpse of these....
And these...
Sitting pretty in a rather uninspiring box of fat quarters and all packaged up like chopsticks.  Four fat quarters looking good enough to eat.  And for the bargain price of £3.50.  Yes, that's just three and a half of the Queen's finest pounds people...
I can even forgive the x-ing of sticks given the loveliness of the contents!
What a lovely gift they would make for any fan of the fabric this Christmas.  A self-confessed lover of the stripe, there was no way these were staying put...
And these starry numbers will be perfect for a little Christmas project i have in mind...
And if I can't bring myself to cut into these beauties we can always have a game of Mikado!
Kate x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Put it on a postcard

Further to my recent forays into the world of free-motion machine embroidery, and inspired by this blog post by the lovely Georgina Giles, I decided to stitch a postcard for the Making Space 4x6 Postcard Exhibition.  They are asking for postcard-sized donations to be displayed and then sold in order to raise money for community outreach projects across the local area.

The theme for the exhibition is "Draw Tomorrow".  My fancy for our feathered friends and love of my local Farlington Marshes got me thinking about protecting this environment for everyone's tomorrow.  With recurring reports of global warming and the possibility of sea level rises, it seems that commitment to renewable energy sources will be necessary in the future.  Wind turbines may be required in many more of our back yards if we are to protect our precious coastal habitat... 
The exhibition will include postcards in any medium - of course mine is textile!  A little applique and a lot of machine embroidery later and it was finished.  Turbines on Portsdown Hill, with a few waders on the marsh in the foreground...
Cut down to 6x4 and ready to go...
As an aside, I get my machine embroidery thread on eBay from Carter Crafts, at about 50p per 500m spool they're excellent value.

Kate x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

My first commission!

Back in June I made my mum a tote bag for her birthday.  I called it the Lovely Places Bag as it was inspired by two of her favourite spots.  Swyre Head on the Dorset coast, which has to be the place I love best.  And Belle Tout, on the Sussex coast near where she grew up.

I sketched out the designs a couple of years ago and have been contemplating transferring them to fabric for use for ages.  I think they're too fine for a screen print, and I don't really have the set-up to screen print at home anyway.  So I bought some transfer paper, scanned the images onto computer, added text and printed them out.  Then ironed them on to my fabric of choice before stitching them into a lovely lined tote.
One side for the Sussex girl
And one side for the Dorset lady
She was so pleased with the bag that she commissioned me to make one with the Swyre Head scene as a birthday present for her friend, another lover of the Dorset coast!

Hopefully it will be my first commission of many!

Kate x