Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vintage pattern addict

My latest forays into the world of sewing baby clothes have sparked an addiction that I fear may be hard to shift…  Whenever I have some spare time I find myself browsing on eBay for vintage baby and toddler sewing patterns.  A little innocent browsing has translated into rather a few patterns, all for rompers or dungarees.  I’m beginning to wonder if the boy needs quite so many of said items, but they are all subtly different and for different sizes.  And really, do baby boys ever look quite as sweet as in a cute set of dungarees? 

There doesn’t seem to be many patterns available for boys, certainly not from UK sellers.  But I have bought a couple (or rather a few!) from sellers in Australia and the USA.

I have mentioned before how I like the illustrations on these vintage patterns, although this one may be an exception – these little ones look rather malevolent…

Another downside to this pattern is that although uncut, it does not include seam allowances and directs that these should be added to the fabric when cutting.  To be honest that sounds rather a level of faff too high for my embryonic pattern-cutting skills.  Maybe after some more practice.

The illustrations on this one are of sunnier looking children – I really like the short version of the rompers; hopefully the pattern will fit the boy next summer…

A few of the patterns are uncut and are in a succession of sizes.  I’m trying to work out how I can use the pattern for all the sizes as he grows.  The obvious disadvantage being that you need to use the smallest first rather than keep cutting the pattern down.  I need to give this a little more thought and get the tracing paper out I think.

One thing I’m not too sure about is the sizing on the toddler patterns.  They seem to be in size 1, size 2, size 3 etc – I’m guessing that this corresponds with the child’s age.  Oh, I have so much to learn!  This size 4 pattern that I’m particularly excited about and is my favourite of all the illustrations…

I certainly should have enough to keep me and my sewing machine occupied for the time being.  Now I just need to break the eBay habit.  Although I would love to find a decent pattern for little boy trousers….

Kate x

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