Sunday, 29 September 2013

Spell it out

After my brief dalliance with machine embroidery following TWAS (the war against spiders) the other day, I was itching to get back into it. My stitchy friend (the one who lent me the first vintage pattern I tried out) has a lovely little girl who turned one today.  We were invited along to her 1st birthday party this afternoon, and my original plan was to take a book as a gift.  But facing the prospect of a Saturday night alone in front of Strictly (god I am so rock and roll), I decided to give Brucey and Hollie a miss in favour of some quality time with my sewing machine.

I am positive that in the not too distant future we're all going to be sick and tired of bunting; there really is an overwhelming amount of it adorning houses, tearooms, and gardens up and down the country.  But I have far from fallen out of love with it - it may be kitsch but it is rather lovely.  I've made a few sets in the past, for a friend's wedding and for new babies, appliqueing the letters onto funky fabrics.
Nautical bunting for Henry
This time I was keen to try a different approach, keeping the fabric simple and having a go with some freehand machine embroidery to decorate the flags with an alphabet theme.  Here are the results...
Z is for Zebra
E is for Elephant
T is for Tree
H is for House
I really struggled to think of another E to sew, the contenders were Egg (too oval and likely to reveal my unsteady hands), Egret (too obscure, although I do love these birds), Elf (too complicated), Envelope (too boring).  In the end I opted for an Eel.  I'm not sure how much it really resembles an eel; hopefully this little girl won't grow up thinking E is for snake!
E is for Eel
The final flag is actually the first one I sewed and probably the one I am least pleased with.  But as it was nearly midnight by the time I finished last night I really didn't fancy staying up later to stitch it again...
A is for Apple
Boxed up and ready to go...

Happy Birthday Zethea!
Kate x


  1. What sewing machine have you got? Your embroidery looks amazing!

  2. Thanks Clare! It's just the cheapest most basic Janome you can get - a J3-18. I think most machines are capable of doing embroidery as long as you lower the feed dog and use a darning foot!