Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pinspired - chevron love

Of late I have become more than a little obsessed with chevrons.  Here are some of the fabulous chevrons I have found on Pinterest...

Stairway to chevron heaven...

Revamped set of drawers

Chevrons and birds - two of my obsessions

Great idea for a revamp of a tired dresser
I love the way the yellow dresser pops out against the chevron walls
What a stylish and enticing exterior - imagine quaffing G&Ts here of an evening!
Chevrons and bunting
I have recently bought an old school (was in a school, not "old-school", if you know what I mean) wooden locker off eBay which is in need of a revamp - it would look great with chevrons on the doors in bright colours.  Hopefully more on that in a later post (may be much later when I find baby-free time to do some sanding and painting).

Pinterest is brilliant for getting ideas and inspiration - it is also a dangerous way to use up a lot of time I find!!  I'm at

Kate x

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