Thursday, 12 September 2013

I dream in stripes

I have a bit of a thing for stripes – especially on furniture.  Several years ago I inherited an old director’s chair that belonged to my great-grandparents.  It was whilst I was a student and I was so happy to have such a lovely, deep comfy chair that fitted in the tiny room I occupied in the house I shared with 7 other girlies.  Over the summer between moving from halls into said shared house I lovingly sanded, varnished and re-seated the chair.  But my student budget couldn’t stretch to pretty stripes.  Some years later I changed the fabric…

The boy and I have spent many of these halcyon days of summer playing in the garden on this stripy blanket that I picked up in Mexico a few years ago…

My love of stripes extends to our sling – a beautiful striped Hoppediz wrap in shades of a summer sea...


Throughout the summer I’ve been dreaming of lounging on a deckchair in the sun, gin and tonic in hand.  But looking after the boy, keeping him in the shade, keeping alcohol intake to a minimum as I’m still breastfeeding, oh, and the lack of deckchair has kept this firmly in dreamland.  But I took a step closer when I found this beauty on eBay the other day for the princely sum of £10.50. 

I was thinking of re-covering it as there are a few signs of wear on the seat but I am really rather taken by those yummy green, lemon and raspberry stripes.

Then, when browsing for some stripy and strong fabric for a couple of projects I have in mind, I stumbled upon this AMAZING website – Deckchair Stripes!  Canvas, oilcloth, interior fabrics, deckchairs, directors chairs, windbreaks, bunting, cushions, hammocks, trimmings and myriad other stripy accessories - this really is stripe heaven.  Here’s a sample of their covetable wares...
Stripy fabric joy
Oh this looks like bliss - PLH take note!
Pretty windbreak
I think this love affair with all things stripy is set to last.

Kate x

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