Monday, 2 September 2013

Getting Organised

Well hello there.  This is my first blog post here at Halcyon Threads and I’m pretty darn excited about it to be honest.  I’ve been thinking about re-entering the blogosphere for so very long after dabbling in the world of the web last year under another name, One Broody Hen.  My previous pennings were mostly about my adventures in IVF and becoming a first-time hen-keeper.  Well, life has changed, I’m now mother to a boy but no longer mother hen!   Time for a new blog and a new name methinks - may I present Halcyon Threads?

So, out with the old, in with the new and time for a reorganisation of my sewing stash.  Stash trash more like.  Supposedly contained within the antique confines of an enormous battered trunk, said stash threatens to overtake the sewing room dining room entirely, much to the dismay of PLH.  From a practical point of view, keeping all my sewing supplies in the box is tiresome – every time I want to sew anything (frequently you’ll see) I need to half empty the box to find the relevant supplies. 

Oh how I long to be able to whip my sewing machine out of its cover, pick up my latest project and start sewing, without faffing around searching for the thread, needles and notions I need, emptying the contents of the stash box and turning the dining room upside down.  Pride of place in our dining room is my dresser so with a bit of reorganisation that has become my ready-use thread, needles, scissors, and general haberdashery stowage.  Here’s some pictures…
Ribbons, boxes of buttons, boxes of thread and my tweety tape measure.

Charity shop bargain jars - storage for scraps, thread and bias binding.

Scissors, cutter, pens etc stowed within easy reach.

Ribbon, lace, velcro and popper tapes in more jars.

Machine needles and feet in a tea caddy.

Neat, tidy and in reach!

The old trunk is still very much in use as storage for my fabric stash and works in progress, but hopefully now I'll be able to crack on with projects without emptying its contents all over the room!

Kate x

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