Thursday, 26 September 2013

Chop chop

It's been a little while since I had any quality sewing time.  PLH has been around in the evenings for the last week or so and before that I spent some time with my folks back in Dorset.  All that combined with the boy's recent lack of nap consistency (or naps in his cot at all for that matter) have left little time for stitchery.

So it was with relish tonight after settling the boy, that I tuned in to Radio 4, poured a glass of wine and got steamy with the iron to press some of my latest fabric finds.  With a couple of new babies to make presents for (my friends really do seem to be the baby boomers at the moment), and keen to use this pattern to make some more dungarees for the boy I decided to have an evening of pattern cutting.
Little car fabric for new baby boy dungarees.  These will be using the same pattern as the elephant rompers I made for the boy (thanks Alison - you will get your pattern back soon I promise!).  They live in the rather sunny climes of Oman so hopefully they'll keep him nice and cool.

Next up some fabric cut for the boy's next pair.  This time trains in blue, lined with some mini dots.

Getting rather carried away with these dungarees I think - pattern pieces cut in blue cord with a lovely starry blue lining.
And finally pretty pink stripes and elephants for a new baby girl....
Now I just need to find time to sew all these little numbers!

Kate x

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