Friday, 27 September 2013

A spider aside

Last night, as I tidied away my sewing, my peace was violated by a ginagaspider.  A veritable beast staring malevolently up at me from the carpet.  I hate spiders. It's a hatred born of irrational, uncontrollable fear.  Little ones I can handle, but big, scuttling, hairy arachnids with thick bodies, brrrrrrr, the very thought makes me shiver.  And this was no incey wincey fellow...
No indeed, just look at that vile creature.  With PLH away, I was forced to take action, and bravely placed a glass (pint - it was huge!) over the offender.  Which I courageously left until this morning...  A quick poke of the glass showed the spider to be still of this world (and rather angry I thought), so I called on my next door neighbour, the lovely Mrs Hatty Boots for a little moral support in helping me become spider free again.

Now, since the arrival of the boy I am acutely aware that I should avoid transferring my arachnophobia on to him, after all I need another fear-free spider warrior to help me out.  So, with Mrs Hatty Boots standing by, I took a gulp, zipped up my man suit and disposed of the spider myself, employing the cardboard and glass method.
I've kept the cardboard; this is going to be my tool of choice on which I will record my war against the increasingly trespassing local spider population.  To get over this irrational fear I need to alter my perception of arachnids.  Rather than viewing them as evil creatures out to get me I need to see them as friendly little things.  So, whilst sewing this evening I popped the darning foot onto the machine for a quick spot of free-hand embroidery onto a scrap of fabric I'd been sewing with.  The result is a pretty friendly looking chap, who has been turned into a thank-you card for me lovely neighbour!

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